Pick 4 Evening Prize Amounts & Prize Odds

Check out the various prizes you can win playing Pick 4 Evening & the odds attached to those prizes.

Play Type Prize Amount Prize Odds
Straight 1 in 10,000
Pair 1 in 100
Straight with Fireball 1 in 2,500
Box (4-way) with Fireball 1 in 625
Box (6-way) with Fireball 1 in 417
Box (12-way) with Fireball 1 in 208
Box (24-way) with Fireball 1 in 104
Pair with Fireball 1 in 25

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Number Rank & Hit Frequency

Past 30 draws number frequency & rank

# Rank Hit
0 7 11
1 1 17
2 9 9
3 6 12
4 10 8
5 8 10
6 3 14
7 4 13
8 5 12
9 2 14

Most Frequently Asked Questions for NJ Pick 4 Evening lottery.

When are Pick 4 draws held?

Draws are held daily: the midday draw at 12:59 p.m. and the evening draw at 10:57 p.m.

How do you play Pick 4?

Pick four numbers between 0 and 9 or use the Quick Pick option. Choose a play type and the drawing you'd like to enter: midday, evening, or both. Other available options: playing in multiple draws, FIREBALL, and Instant Match.

What is the FIREBALL?

FIREBALL is an extra ball add-on. If you add FIREBALL to your ticket, the drawn FIREBALL number can be used to replace one of the drawn Pick 4 numbers in order to create more ways to win.

What is the top prize?

The top prize for a $1 wager is approximately $5,000. It's possible to obtain through a Straight play type.

What's the lowest prize available in the game?

You can win $25 with a Front Pair or Back Pair play type, on a $0.50 wager.

How many play types does Pick 4 have?

This game has six main play types, and 19 ways to win a prize on each wager.

Which play type has the best odds?

The Front and Back Pair plays have the best odds—1 in 100.

NJ Pick 4 Evening Info

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Game Ticket Cutoff Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Pick-4 Evening 7:53 PM 7:57 PM 7:57 PM 7:57 PM 7:57 PM 7:57 PM 7:57 PM 7:57 PM

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Game Number of Balls Number Range Game Type Prize Structure
Pick-4 Evening 4 0-9 Daily Fixed

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