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North Dakota Pronghorn Lottery Held

North Dakota’s pronghorn lottery has been held and all 1,720 licenses were issued. All total, 13,909 applications were received, including 687 gratis applications. Individual results are available onl

Which lotteries give most to charity?

The most generous to charity in the United States are two lotteries - Powerball and Mega Millions. They are considered to be state lotteries, despite the fact that there is no "national lottery" concept in the United States.

Fall Turkey Season Set, Apply Online

North Dakota’s fall turkey season is set with 3,825 licenses available to hunters, 40 more than last year. Unit 21 (Hettinger and Adams counties) remains closed because of a low turkey population. Fal

ND Lottery

These North Dakota lotteries were drawn Monday: 2 By 2

NDSU gets $5.7M to boost North Dakota’s lagging COVID-19 vaccination rate

North Dakota's Constitution bars gifts, so the state can't use public money to offer a lottery incentive for the COVID-19 vaccine, which other states have done successfully. So the state will have ...

6,000 deer licenses still available in North Dakota; applications start Wednesday

More than 79,000 people applied for a lottery license, in addition to over 12,400 gratis applicants, according to Game and Fish. North Dakota’s 2021 deer gun season opens Nov. 5 at noon and ...
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Arizona non-resident

Prize Winnings $5,000 and up
State Taxes 2.90%
Federal Tax 30%

Arizona resident

Prize Winnings $5,000 and up
State Taxes 2.90%
Federal Tax 24%

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North Dakota Lottery Office

1050 East Interstate Avenue, Suite 200, Bismarck, ND 58503

(701) 328-1574


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