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Your Overall Outlook

2021 is another year Taurus needs to pay attention to money management. You may wish to pay attention to your expenses. Overall it is a good year for single Taurus as you expect to meet someone you like. It is important to remain attentive to your health in 2021.

Relationship Breakdown

For Taurus in a relationship, 2021 is a good year for you to reflect on your relationship with your partner. Try to think objectively whether you really connect to each other. For married Taurus, you may experience some challenges. It is important to stay open with your partner. For single Taurus you are likely to meet someone you like, especially in summer. Try to be patient as it takes time for a relationship to grow.

Money Management

Taurus expects to have a favourable financial status in 2021, though you may need to pay attention to your expenses. Taurus expects to stay motivated in maintaining a favourable income. Try to stay cautious when selecting a business partner. For Taurus in a leadership position, try to stay fair and unbiased with your team members.

Academic Guidance

Overall 2021 expects to be a good year for Taurus. You expect to perform well in school even under pressure. Try to reflect and learn from your exam results. It is important for you to establish a study routine that works for you. Learn to enjoy your study, other than treating it as something you have to do.


Taurus is naturally ambitious. It is a good year for you to consider changing your career. Learn to expand your business knowledge and proactively improve your field knowledge. 2021 is a good year for Taurus to think about partnership. Try to avoid make irrational and emotional decisions.


It is wise pay more attention to your health in 2021. It is better for Taurus to maintain a healthy diet routine. Avoid oily or salty diet and reduce the frequency of ordering takeaways. Try to exercise more in order to prevent over weight.

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