libra Horoscope - Yearly Outlook

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Your Overall Outlook

2020 expects to be a positive year for Libra. You are able to further develop yourself, and also have opportunities to improve your financial status. At work you expect to have a harmonious relationship with your colleagues. Libra may feel mentally exhausted at times and expects to spend more time on relaxation.

Relationship Breakdown

Try not to bring your way of working at work to your relationship. You may become possessive at times which may cause conflicts with your partner. It is important to stay open and have the courage to show your vulnerability. For single Libra, you may have opportunities to meet someone you like during gatherings.

Money Management

Libra is generally careful with money. It is a year for Libra to expand business cooperation with others. Networking expects to bring positive impact to your business. For Libra at work, it is important to maintain a positive outlook, and take on opportunities that can demonstrate your ability.

Academic Guidance

2021 expects to be a smooth year for Libra. You expect to perform well overall. It is important to cultivate your academic interests. Libra is naturally confident so you are able to motivate yourself and study subjects that you are not good at. Libra expects to excel during the second half of the year.


There expects to be work challenges for Libra in 2021. You are often passionate about what you do especially for Libras working in creative and design fields. You expect to excel in 2021. Stay cautious in summer and autumn, as there may be unexpected downturns. Overall staying persistent and patient will go a long way for Libra.


Libra expects to stay healthy in 2021. Try to take time and moderate your diets. Take the time to notice and adapt yourself to seasonal changes. Try to go out more other than staying indoors all the time. It is important not to work overtime frequently.

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