gemini Horoscope - Yearly Outlook

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Your Overall Outlook

2021 expects to be a positive year for Gemini. You expect to perform well and be recognized by your colleagues at work. Try to stay modest. For single Gemini you expect to meet someone you like in 2021. Try to stay patient and avoid making impulsive decisions.

Relationship Breakdown

It is important for Gemini to stay open in a relationship. Try to communicate with your partner other than hiding your emotions or thoughts. For single Gemini, it is a great year to meet someone you like. It is good to set a realistic expectation when selecting a partner. Overall it is better for Gemini to communicate with your partner more.

Money Management

In 2021 your friend or colleague may request you to lend them money. Stay cautious before you lend money to others. 2021 is a good year to think about new ways of accumulating your income. For married Gemini you expect to have high expenditures. Try to save money where possible.

Academic Guidance

Gemini school performance expects to improve in 2021. Plan your study and stay focused. Pay attention to your performance in summer and autumn. Gemini is naturally sociable so try to balance your social and academic life.


It is important for Gemini to stay focused in order to perform well at work. You expect to put more efforts at work. Pay attention to any contract review and finalizations. Try to build a good relationship at work. For Gemini in business, you expect to experience difficulties so it is a good year for growth. It is good to take the opportunity to accumulate your experience.


Gemini needs to pay attention to safety in 2021, especially when driving. Be careful when handling sharp objects. Be attentive to your family members' needs. Gemini may experience tooth related aliments. Try to go to see a doctor if you experience toothache. Pay attention to your health needs and find ways to deal with stress.

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