gemini Traits & Personality

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gemini Personality Traits & Information

Ruling Planet



The Twins



Basic Trait

I Think

Closest Metal


Lucky Day




Lucky Places

Plateau above the sea

Lucky Colors

Saffron Yellow and Azure Blue

Lucky Flowers

Azaleas and Lilies

Lucky Gems

Topaz, Agate and Aquamarine

Ruling Gold

Greek-Hermes; Roman-Mercury

General Information About gemini

Gemini is very changeable and normally has a double personality. Gemini, once willing to put in the effort, can manage business and relationships very well. Gemini can be positive and passive, vigorous and quiet. You are multi-talented and can multitask. You pursue new concepts and a busy life. You are very ambitious and talented at language learning.

Secrets for

Gemini can pretend to be happy in public situations whilst not feeling so inside.


Gemini is very inquisitive and enjoys a colorful life.

Ideal Lover

Gemini is very inquisitive. As Gemini's ideal lover you have to have extensive interests and enjoy travelling.

Fall in Love With

Gemini is a quick thinker. Try not to take the initiative when you want to hang out with Gemini.

Money management

Gemini can get extra money easily. However Gemini is also a careless spender.

gemini Relations with Other Horoscopes

Favorite: Libra Most Trusted: Virgo Role Model: Sagittarius Best Working Partner: Cancer Most Influential: Pisces Managing: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Aries Be wary of: Leo, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus 100% Harmonious: Libra, Aquarius 90% Harmonious: Leo, Aries 80% Harmonious: Gemini Same Type: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Opposite Type: Scorpio

Typical gemini Strengths & Weaknesses



Adaptable and versatile Good at communication Communicative and witty Intellectual and eloquent Youthful and lively

gemini Dislikes & Likes


Nervous and tense Confused personality Find it hard to be punctual Selfish Restless Superficial and inconsistent Cunning and inquisitive


Talking Novelty and the unusual Variety in life Multiple projects all going at once Reading

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