cancer Horoscope - Yearly Outlook

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Your Overall Outlook

2021 expects to be a year for Cancer to take on more initiatives. Try to take on other people's advices more. In terms of health overall Cancer expects to stay disciplined and avoid excessive food intake. For single Cancer female Cancers expect to have more dating opportunities in 2021.

Relationship Breakdown

For Cancer in a relationship, you may wish to be left alone at times. Try to communicate that with your partner, as there is nothing wrong for you to want some personal space. For single Cancer, you may wish to stay single. There expects to be opportunities for single Cancer to meet dating partners.

Money Management

Cancer expects to have a favourable financial status in 2020. Your finance status expects to be better during the second half of the year. Try to balance your holiday needs with your income. Take the time to learn about money management.

Academic Guidance

Cancer expects to perform well thanks to the help from Mercury. It is important to develop confidence in your study ability. You may feel down owing to your unsteady school performance. It is important to stay positive and stay prepared for term exams.


2021 expects to be a smooth year for Cancer. You expect to be recognized at work. Thanks to the help from Venus, creative Cancer expects to make break through. 2021 is also a good year for Cancer to move into a new career. Be cautious before signing any contracts. It is important to be patient as it takes times to excel.


There expects to be many party invitations For Cancer in 2021. Try to control your diet and maintain a healthy diet routine. You may experience digestion problems. When dining out try to select reputable dining venues. Overall it is important to maintain a good personal hygiene.

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