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Rambo Liquors in Estes Park sells $500,000 Powerball ticket

On Monday (Feb. 22) morning, the owners of Rambo’s Longhorn Liquors in Estes Park, Matt and Cristie Rambeau received an email from their Lottery representative informing them of the

Family-run liquor store in Estes Park sells $500,000 winning Powerball ticket

If you purchased a Powerball ticket in Estes Park over the past few days, check your numbers. Someone who was in the area is now half a million dollars richer.

Paging the person with the unclaimed $150K Colorado lottery ticket. Your jackpot is about to expire.

The Colorado Lottery is searching for the lucky winner of an unclaimed ticket purchased at the 1520 Main St. King Soopers. “We hate to see that money go wasted,” said Meghan Dougherty ...

Colorado Gambling Addiction Awareness Campaign Ramps Up Ahead Of March Madness

Colorado Lottery is preparing for the 19th year of gambling awareness and outreach as March Madness approaches.

LA Kings: Forget the lottery and go for the playoffs

Another lottery pick or make the playoffs. Here's why the LA Kings should go for the playoffs, especially riding this five-game win streak. Going into the

List: See big Colorado Lottery winners, find out where money from tickets ends up

“Large national jackpots are an incredible gift to the Lottery and its beneficiaries. When we reach the Great Outdoors Colorado proceeds cap early, as we did the last time we had a $1 billion ...

Bigger Jackpots Are Better For Colorado When It Comes To The Lottery

Together, the jackpots were worth a total of $1.7 billion. From Jan. 2 to 22 (when the Mega Millions was won), the Colorado Lottery sold $33,624,612 worth of Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

Winner sues Colorado lottery for millions over fixed jackpot

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A decade after Colorado engineer Amir Massihzadeh hit the lottery, two state agents visited him with stunning news: He was likely the only legitimate winner of a $4.8 ...

More than $30 million coming back to Colorado thanks to double jackpot run

When Colorado plays, the state’s outdoor spaces are the big winners. The amount of every dollar spent that goes to lottery beneficiaries averages about 23 cents across all games. For national ...

Colorado Lottery looking for Windsor jackpot winner of $150,000; has until end of Wednesday

The Colorado Lottery is looking for the winner of a $150,00 jackpot prize who has one day left to claim their winnings. According to a release from the Colorado Lottery team, the ticket was ...

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