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Pick 5 Box Method for Double Digit Games

Pick 5 Box Method for Double Didgit Games      Step 1: In this strategy, we will be using the box method to determine what numbers we can play for the upcoming week. First, we will get the winning numbers from our state.  In this example, we will be using the using...

Pick 2

2 number strategies can be tricky at times but we aren't going to leave you hanging. Take a look at each of our tabs that are jam packed with strategies and walk through guides! For this method, you will take the previous draw for your state. Create 2 columns with the...

Pick 5 Rundown

Pick 4 Ruundown Startegy          Step 1: This pick 5 rundown is for any pick 5 game with a range of numbers from 0-9. To begin, you will use the number 96317 and underneath it write the previous day’s winning draw. For this example, we’re using the number 52008...

+/- Pick 4 Box Strategy

Pick 4 +/- Box Strategy Step 1: Set up one box for “+” and one box for “- “.  Each box will have 5 columns and rows.                          +                                  ...

Pick 5 Lottery Wheel Strategies

Pick 4 Lottery Wheel Strategies       Step 1: Determine what the hot and overdue numbers are for your state for the 5-digit lottery game that you are playing.   Hot Numbers: 26, 7, 18, 9, 31 Overdue Numbers: 17, 2, 1, 37, 20   Now that we have the hot and...

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